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as it is. cbs5. >>> big designer stores in beverly hills could soon see new competition. it's a store that takes pride in its not-so-hefty price tags. joy benedict on the change that could change the value of popular rodeo drive. >> reporter: it's an iconic street with a fancy name. but what if they had a new neighbor, one with a cheaper price tag? 99 cents. >> it's good competition for beverly hills. >> reporter: they drive from beverly hills to go to this 99 cent only store on wilshire. >> they want to add their thrifty price tags to rodeo drive. >> our money is as good as anyone else's. >> they are actively looking for real estate on rodeo, that their closest store on the beverly hills line does $12 million in business every year, the highest in the chain. >> if you go to that store, you'll see fancy cars in the parking lot, even a rolls royce. we need a store in beverly hills. >> it's one thing and something else. >> i think that it might deval rodeo a little bit. -- devalue rodeo a little bit. >> people are just window shopping now. >> i take pictures outside of it because i cann
to beverly hills. it is true. from the land of lost jobs, now rodeo drive is going discount. will this ever be the same? who should know better than someone else who is from there. from beverly hills. our very own liz claman. her blood is so blue, have to wonder whether lives is seeing red. >> i am with wearing red. >> no, no, that would be it. they were the down and out folks in beverly hills. >> all i can tell you is if i hear one person, i've heard of thousands they that is redline. everyone loves a 99-cent store, but they have to, can you imagine, who knows where it's going to be. listen, i wouldn't think this would be good. [talking over each other] >> what happens to the full image of rodeo drive in beverly hills? not that there's anything wrong with it. >> what could be worse? what could be worse. that is every -- it is everywhere. there are a lot of storefronts that are empty right now. neil: no way that your old family neighbors are welcoming and 99 cents store. >> you are so wrong. i called. [talking over each other] neil: the average -- >> here is why, the average is told of her
in arlington. and beverly hills. no, not that beverly hills. this beverly hills. beverly hills, 22305 in alexandria. it seal like every time there is a storm, trees in beverly hills fall like pick-up sticks. >> you've lived here on old dominion boulevard. how long? >> five years. >> reporter: and how many time have you lost power? >> about seven. >> reporter: there's a tree down in front of 5500. it didn't cause the outage. it is just symbolic. you can imagine what life is like in the dark, in a high rise. >> i feel like amish. pretty much. it's like back in the woods camping. >> it's very hard to find things in the dark. >> reporter: what floor are you on in. >> the sixth. >> reporter: so you have to walk up? >> yeah. >> reporter: and then walk down. >> yes. >> reporter: it is doubling frustrating in a high rise because everything is underground. you cannot see the power problem. they say it's a grid thing. not so in beverly hills 22305. that problem is right out there in your front yard. let me give you a hug. last year, holly's house was hit by a tree. this year her luck is improvi
was asleep in bed. no, not that beverly hills. this beverly hills. beverly hills 22305 in alexander re. a it seems like every time there is a storm, trees in beverly hills fall like pick-up sticks. >> you've lived here on old xhin boulevard how long? >> five years. >> reporter: and howl times have you lost power? >> about seven.pz4hporter:$oryué l[th so they hook up to the spencer electric company. he even has a power strip on his front porch. >> did they bring their own extension cords? >> they have their own extension cords. >> and just connect. >> they know the drill. >> give me a hug. >> i need a tree person, actually. >> reporter: last year, holly's house was hit by a tree. this year her luck is improving. just a near miss here. and another near miss in the front. but then there is this one of this one is going to go. do you have power? >> no. >> reporter: do you ever lose power here? >> all the time. every day. a lot. but it's part of living in beverly hills. we love it here. >> reporter: beverly hills 22305. home of the spencer power company. live in northern virginia. pat coll
: the $0.99 only stores trying to get on rodeo drive in beverly hills? we will weigh in on that on neil cavuto being a former beverly hills -- >> the we have to wait until later? >> people in beverly hills law that the two year what neil cavuto says at 6:00 eastern. thanks. let's check--who doesn't like to deal? $0.99 only. let's take up with the team. find out what everybody is watching. robert gray, dennis kneale, jeff flock in the pits of the cme. cocoa looking pretty decent today. jeff: that was one of the only things that looked decent. everything from gasoline which is good but ours was down 2%. oil off today but closed the week wind and better than we thought. corn was off after profittaking yesterday on news that was worse than we thought and gold pretty flat today. you can't talk about this without the presidential election and the debate in all that. you may agree point. >> the outcome of the election on the presidential side on its own probably less significant than the entire route, taking into account the house and the senate. whether you have a lame-duck president or lame-
. liz: i know fox news has been there. that one in beverly hills, forget about it did it is probably six dollars for full service. we have reactions from motorists at the pump. >> we are not that far from beverly hills did we did not go to beverly hills because that is the obvious choice. maybe get away to a little more blue-collar area. not far from your hometown. we are talking about gas prices $4.99 for regular unleaded. if you go down the road a couple of blocks .the prices there are $5.29. the second problem is you have california stricter standards of gas. the governor has just signed on to change to the winter standard. this third reason is a number of refineries that are down. that has caused the problem with supply which is caused prices to go up which is bad people who drive cars here in california which is just about everybody not to happy. >> it takes forever to get the prices back down again. it is pretty ridiculous. select $10 gas won't even get me a quarter of a tank. it is really out of control. >> i ride my bicycle everywhere due to the increase in gas prices. i just can
's for sure. >> reporter: i'm juju chang for "nightline" in beverly hills. >> you can see rod perform live tomorrow on "good morning america." thanks to juju and thank you for watching.
that shook me to the core happened on a sunny beverly hills morning in january. >> the unfortunate truth is you do have some heart disease now. >> first thought, i actually flashed to an image of my kid spreading ashes on the same mountain where i buried my dad. second thought, i deserved this. >> whoo-hoo! >> for my first four decades i carried a secret arrogant hunch that i was bulletproof. sure, i exercise but i can't remember my last checkup. i don't even have a doctor and, yeah, i like salad but my food pyramid is built mostly with racks of ribs and a six-track and now after a ride in a full body ct scanner i had dr. david agus circling spots on a screen and describing the price of all that willful ignorance. >> these lesions and significant arteries in the heart can cause heart attacks in the near term so we all hear -- read in the paper about the 45-year-old who went jogging and died of a heart attack. these are the things we worry about. >> reporter: since he was described as a rock star of medicine and doctor to lance armstrong, ted kennedy and steve jobs i took his words to hea
. >> oh, my god. zmrmpbts plus -- a star's car crash outside the beverly hills hotel. "e.t." is on the screen.
the economy, the millionaire starting on market potential. >> a couple blocks from beverly hills for 20 years and every year it gets busy year-end busier and the fact is it is the highest sales volume store of 300 stores and we have a lot of customers from beverly hills clamoring -- who loves a great deal better than a rich person. and they still a rich and since the recession hit we have more demand in beverly hills so we were thinking where would be a perfect location where we could get locals and tourists so we thought rodeo drive and great marketing for the company would be our flagship location. lori: does it send a message you are after by virtue of being on rodeo drive, 37 to $42 a square foot. $3 a square foot. it will cost so much to be there, do you have to change what you charged when you are the $0.99 store. does it send the right message about your store? >> we hope we don't have a special $99 session. we want to keep our pricing but we believe it will be our best volume store and part of the investment in rents you look at his investment in marketing or advertising to get the wo
. they need to move to beverly hills and be the new version of "the beverly hill billies." >> i want to see her shop on rodeo drive. become bff with kim kardashian, it just makes sense. >> you know what? you're right. >> it's genius. all for free. we're going to wing it with animal expert, julie scardina. and her birds of prey. >>> and also, stacy london has a brand-new book out. it's about style. coming up. donuts? ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ you're cute. ♪ [ door creaks, closes ] [ female announcer ] the protein effect. new special k protein cereal. with ten grams of protein and three grams of fiber... finally, a protein cereal to help keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? laura's being healthy and chewing her multivitamin. introducing one-a-day vitacraves for women! finally, a great-tasting gummy multivitamin designed... for women with more calcium and vitamin d. it's gummies for grown-ups. new one-a-day vitacraves for women. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol pow
. >> alex hits from the beverly hills kitchen is here with a classic lesson in southern kitsching but first this is "today" on nbc. 2@ >>> we are back with "today's" kitchen. if you're in the mood for southern cooking with a french floor, you're in for a treat. >> alex hits has cooked for tre and the royals and now he's cooking for us. sharing some of his favorite recipes in the new book "my beverly hills kitchen." >> yum. there we go. this is a celebration. >> it's my first book and time to celebrate. the first thing we're going to do -- >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. the first thing we're going to do is start with pecan crusted salmon. with no disrespect to y'all's dogs, it's so easy they could do it. no disrespect to your cats or dogs, i know they are smart. take some pecans, melted butter, dry dill, garlic, salt. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> this is easy. >> grind it up. >> okay. yum, yum. then it becomes like this. >> still kind of crunchy. >> it's crunchy and full of flavor. the first thing we do with the salmon is season it because we're all about big, strong flavors. th
. >> they are looking for a location in beverly hills. they want to be there on the the world famous rodeo drive. the 99-cents store brings in the company's highest profits at $12 million a year. >> you'll see fancy cars in the parking lot, even occasionally a rolls roist and we need a store in beverly hills. >> obviously you have the high end stores. >> the 99-cents store will be stylish to to match its neighbors. the ceo says it will be their flag ship location. >> maybe they should make it a 99-dollar store. >> i wonder how the neighbors feel about it. >>> 5:21 the giants coming up big last night. how they even the score in game 2. >> and down at the half, how peyton manning led the broncos to one of the biggest come back victories in nfl history. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, okay, what'ya havin? i'll have the build your own burger with a... sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere. build your own burgers are now at denny's. . >>> it is a mild start to the day. temperatures headed well into the 80s. 60s and 70s out toward the coastline. much hotter w
, this is for real. this is "the real housewives of beverly hills" kyle richards. she just tweeted this picture going through an electrical fact. i'm thinking this looks like something out of a horror movie. would you even ever wear that thing? >> listen, surprisingly enough that was one of our go-to halloween costumes for the movie. they were like should katie be normal katie in the movie or have a leather mask? that is super scary. >> and speaking of scary, get a load of this. >> coming in at number one at the box office and number one on our showbiz countdown of the top three stories that made us ask scary or spectacular, paranormal activity 4, katie congratulations. not only top at the box office this weekend but our countdown as well. reports already out there today that "paranormal 5" is already in the works. tell me something about that. >> i have not heard it from the powers that be but i have read it on the internet. as i've said before, if it's on the internet, that must mean it's true. i don't know. we'll have to find out. >> katie, congratulations again. great having you here. catch katie
and they expected to have all these. by the way the newspapers did make all those excuses. .. >> welcome to beverly hills. i made governing board member of the lausd i came in first and never hid my registration. there is no. and the proud registered republican is running again. when i came to the school district beverly hills unified in bid did conservative values and accountability, no kool-aid drink gain and trophies and kids behave. they are well mannered and they show up to five we don't have people cursing at teachers. what i learned is what a difference it can make when there is leadership. andrew breitbart to may he rest in peace everything is from culture that is created from the media print and radio and tv. ec of fox news and talk radio has done. why aren't we getting together to buy media? if you change california sacramento was broken in. with every single tax. [applause] citic this crowd is not need to be reminded. [laughter] but the tax is there bowed against every single one. the last thing sacramento needs lose more money like giving heroin to a junkie. >> how do we by media? >> of
at their wedding. >> a mogul crash in beverly hills. joining us now, georgia. so, georgia, sean diddy combs apparently doing okay after this crash yesterday. >> the thing is, it happened right in front of the beverly hills hotel. so there were tons of cameras there, always camped outside the hotel. he actually wasn't driving. he was a passenger in the car. nobody went to the hospital. there are pictures of diddy lying in the seat. they kept it moving. >> that looked like it was worse than it apparently was. there's a lot of talk, of course, about the justin timberlake/jessica beal wedding. we've got video. and this video is getting a lot of hits online. >> it is. this video is crazy. what happened is, i don't know why they were taking heat, because they didn't set up the video. one of their friends set up the video. basically the video says, you know, hey, from your hollywood friends who couldn't make it, greetings. and then it goes on to show homeless people saying, we wish you well, we wish you good luck. a lot of people thinking that was insensitive. the guy who put it on said this was p
of the tree falls in beverly hills and the lawyers hear it fall? >> it's not so much a function of lawyers. i think it's more of a function of insurance companies or insurance adjusters getting a little stingy. >> reporter: home alone, eric's pregnant wife rebecca, says she and her 20-month-old daughter were forced to flee, quote, a quickly flooding home, surrounded by live high-voltage wires and without any light. they survived such drama unharmed. >> they've been dispossessed from their home. and they feel that house is not safe until something is done with the trees. >> reporter: in court, corgan had been warned. untrue, replied corgan in a statement. i was horrified when i learned about the tree falling. eric dane did not respond to our calls or e-mails and he wasn't home when we called. corgan called the legal battle a shame because they're nice people. ♪ today is the greatest day i've ever known ♪ >> reporter: corgan has definitely known greater days than this. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, beverly hills. >> nick watt puts it all in perspective. >> i was going to
of this stately beverly hills manor is its sheer size. it's a rarity to have so mucflat living space on such a prime hilltop location. >> this estate is basically 6 bedrooms, 6 1/2 bath, almost 9,000 square feet, situated on a 17,500-square-foot lot. we recently added over 2,000 square feet to the property to turn it into a home theater. >> the architectural style of the home is reminiscent of an italian villa, but on much grander scale and with the california listyle in mind. stuccoed walls and prominent balconies are just a few of the signature features. >> the style of architecture mediterranean, but it has a very contemporary feel to it. you have everything of the 21st century for the home, but you have the mediterranean look. >> as you're driving through the double gate, this long driveway is gonna take you up, and you're gonna see this huge, palatial-like structure with the long stairs all covered with limestone. >> while the home's outer structure is undeniably impressive, it also keeps one at a distance. conversely, the granformal entry sets the tone for its well-appointed in
that event the president joined former president bill clinton at the beverly hills home of jeffrey castenberg. a private meeting with democratic donors. he ended the night with 150 supporters who paid $25,000 each to dine with the president. >>> ven nez wail len president hugo chavez has won a third term in the contest that threatened his 14-year rule. he was declartd the winner by a 54-44% margin. it keeps chavez in power until 2019. if his health holds up the socialist leader was diagnosed with abdominal cancer a year ago. he's had a number of surgeries in cuba. >>> israel has released video of an unmanned drone it shot down over the weekend. it monitored the zone as it cross the into israeli air space from the mediterranean sea. they shot it out of the sky over a rural area. it's still unclear from where the drone was launched, but many officials expect hez but la was behind it. >>> it's been years since the baltimore orioles has had a crack at it. yes, i'll do sports. plus, sat night live offers a take on last week's presidential debate including one theory on why president obama may not
tuesday night on abc family. stars of the abc comedy out in beverly hills talking about having fun on set. oof only time we're serious is it's 5:00 in the morning. >> season three of happy endings premiers tuesday night on abc. another all star booted from "dancing with the stars". you can see all of the interviews right new on >> still to come we're looking at contradictions for abc news fact check. >> new concerns about baby formula. why some >>> president obama and mitt romney both hit the road. romney told supporters that the president has failed women claiming they have suffered through high unemployment and poverty rates. the republican candidate says he has a better plan to help women. mr. obama telling supporters romney's only plan is cutting taxes for the wealthy without revealing how he'd pay for that. >> last night's debate both men interrupted and contradicted each other. >> it was a heated debate last night. full of flames that didn't match facts. in the most talked about debate dispute mitt romney questioned a claim about calling the benghazi attack an act of terro
mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. >> eliot: in today's "wall street journal," karl rove asserts that mitt romney fundamentally altered the arc of the presidential race in the denver debate because he came across as a man with a plan. and it is surely the case that despite the president's apparent win on points in tuesday's debate, the races is a near dead heat. mitt romney must have earned a second hard look from a lot of folks who had been somewhat dismissive until now. the problem is that what rove calls a plan doesn't yet measure up. so my continuing request of romney paul ryan and their campaign, that they give us answers to some of the hard questions about this so-called plan. because as the president asserted in the debate on tuesday, what we have been given so far s
, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers. ♪ >> james woods promised to introduce me to >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> but instead he introduced me to danny bonaduce. like meeting a dog turning 30. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. thirtity-four minutes after the hour. about olivia nun -- >> munn. >> stephanie: what did i say? >> nun. >> stephanie: oh boy. in the meantime marvin in new mexico hi, marvin. >> caller: hey, hi. how are you guys doing? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: first of all i would like to say our president is an evil genius. >> stephanie: why do you say that? >> caller: he definitely let romney walk into that debate. i mean look at the headlines today. it's crazy. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: yesterday they were talk about how of these romney supporters were going to jump ship,
so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv. this is the bill -- "bill press show." >> bill: good morning, it is monday october 29th the day that hurricane sandy is expected to hit the east coast. we were just talking with james hohmann with the romney campaign. a lot of newspaper endorsements over the weekend. >> i'm sorry, what is a newspaper? >> bill: yeah, exactly. the des moines register surprise, went with mitt romney. the "detroit free press" with president obama. the "new york times" president obama. "washington post," the toledo blade, the pittsburgh -- i forget what the pittsburgh paper is -- >> gazette -- >> bill: maybe -- all to -- >> that was a pure guess by the way. >> bill: all to obama. peter what is on twitter? >> we're on twitter @bpshow. joe says what is the big dea
a crack house mattress. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ ♪ hmm these smell amazing, too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now, it wasn't all bad for president obama last night. did he have a couple of good lines in there. if you take them by themselves, you say those were good points. on the issues of the tax cuts. he has tax cuts and he won't say how he's going to pay for them. but the math doesn't add up. president obama hit him with a good line on that. >> obama: for 18 months he has been run on this tax pla
-election campaign, president obama landed at l.a.x. this afternoon. his first stop, a private meeting at the beverly hills home of dreamworks executive jeffrey katzenberg where obama and former president clinton thanked big donors for their campaign cash. outside of the nokia theater. >> made my day. made my week, made my life. >> 6,000 fans snaked around the worlding for the 30 days to victory concert. >> almost like a pre-victory concert in my mind. we are excited and we are sure he is going to win. >> reporter: stars like stevie wonder, jennifer hudson and katy perry took the stage after the president made rallying remarks. >> we have some work to do. we have an election to win. everything we fought for in 2008 is on the line here in 2012. i need your help. >> reporter: an intimate high-dollar dinner at the ritz carlton followed where a meal with the president rang up to $25,000 a person. at the end of the trip, the obama campaign is expected to raise more than $5 million. the president will be headed the bakers field tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. before flying to san francisco for another round
plan. but the king did live there. elvis presley's beverly hills home is on the market. the asking price for the estate with a pool, spa and guest house, a mere $13 million. >>> time, for the weather. over to ginger zee. >> thanks, ron. i want to start with more pictures of the severe weather, out of lubbock, texas. one of my old students. i used to be an adjunct professor. she shared pictures of low-lying clouds. we have the thunderstorm clouds. you can see some of the hail and structure of the storm there. and a lot of people were out chasing. fortunately, about 20 reports in total. 2 tornadoes, 18 hail. and looks like no injuries and no deaths. that's good news. but there's more to come this weekend here on our saturday. this afternoon and evening, they will erupt from dallas, including oklahoma city, and war southwestern missouri. that's the section where the isolated tornadoes will happen. later, in that bigger breath of area, we'll have the damaging winds and the large hail. you can send me photos when it's safe. the other big headline i need you to know about this weekend. p
. >> he was there. he had a huge reception. he said that four years ago beverly hills chihuahua was the number one movie in america. how you cannot argue that we are not better off than we were four years ago. >> bill: he was making a little movie reference. that was a humorous attempt. >> he thought he was funny. i don't think the crowd reacted >> bill: we are north going to critique anybody's humor here. we got carolla and you. >> and you. >> bill: easy you can be replaced. tip of the day has to do with me and money this evening. the tip 60 seconds away. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>é deliberate to distract viewers a&Ñ]hómd"çce>>"l will cheryl, oklahoma. fpcn/$ó e8wgóxlcb#2pm=xrh@:;qíqoa4uq,. welcoming the wounded warriors organization to ireland for tha
that four years ago beverly hills chihuahua was the number one movie in america. how you cannot argue that we are not better off than we were four years ago. >> bill: he was making a little movie reference. that was a humorous attempt. >> he thought he was funny. i don't think the crowd reacted >> bill: we are north going to critique anybody's humor here. we got carolla and you. >> and you. >> bill: easy you can be replaced. tip of the day has to do with me and money this evening. the tip 60 seconds away. >>é deliberate to distract viewers a&Ñ]hómd"çce>>"l will cheryl, oklahoma. fpcn/$ó e8wgóxlcb#2pm=xrh@:;qíqoa4uq,. welcoming the wounded warriors organization to ireland for that's not gold that's golf holiday. bill, i never carried for american politics until i began watching the factor now i find them fascinating.
. become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. >> eliot: 56 americans were taken hostage by islamic revenues leaser from the embassy in iran. they would be held for 444 days. this story is well-known. what is less well-known is that six diplomats working managed to escape and spend the next three months hiding out in the private residents of two canadian diplomats. the rest were taken in a plan plan, an unbelievable rescue is drama advertised in the major motion picture called "argo" in which mr. men dead is portrayed by ben affleck. >> i'm tony men dead. this is what i do. i get people out and i never left people behind. >> eliot: i'm joined by the real tony mendez and author of the new book orgo, how the c.i.a. and hollywood pulled off the most audacious rescue in history. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> eliot: for those of us who are old enough the
angeles. it's one of the star-studded events at the carousel of hope ball in beverly hills. and i guess neil diamond was the headliner. >> he was trying to get george clooney to sing with him. he said he threw back a couple, then he was kind of willing, right? >> kind of, let's watch. ♪ ♪ i'm feeling fine ♪ ♪ sweet caroline ♪ good times never seem so good ♪ ♪ so good so good so good >> so cute, so cute, so cute. >> i just like to look at him. he doesn't have to sing. >> how adorable. >> he just seems to enjoy life, doesn't he? why not? he's like carey grant. he's old hollywood glamour to me in a new nice package. he's no spring chicken, hoda. >> how old is he? >> got to be in his 50s. >> can you taste this just because it's sitting here? we have to. what do they taste like, you know what i'm saying? >> how is it? >> get in there. >> no! >> no, no, no. let me wash it down with something better. >>> ellen received an award for, what else, her humor. the kennedy center awarded it to her. >> she brings joy, light and joy for everybody. congratulations to ms. ellen degeneres. >
. this campaign has become so toxic, beverly hills housewives are now injecting it into their foreheads. (vo) so current gave him a weekly show. >> i love romney's debate style, but i tell you, if i could be that stiff for 90 minutes, i'd ... (vo) we probably won't regret it. >> john: 1.4 million. that's how many registered voters found that bill keller claims have signed his online pledge who considers both candidates satanic and vote for jesus. at voting for bill spells it out for anyone who has trouble spelling. president obama has proven by his words and deeds to be a true enemy of god as detailed in james 4:4. he has been the most pro death president in history. he's a staunch advocate of the radical home me sexual agenda and he has been a great friend to the enemies of israel. james 4:4 for who have a bible anyone who is a friend of the world is also an enemy of god. seven lines later just so you know, he commands christians not to speak evil of others. i'ms guessing he stopped reading by then. governor romney has i
plant. >> sean p diddy combs is okay following a car accident in beverly hills, tmz obtained this getto hit by a lexus. the star complained of pain. neither e, nor anyone were hospitalized. tom hanks and halle barry out in hollywood for a red carpet premier. >> made me think about being a mother and things i do, choices i make, things i don't do, how that will affect not only my daughter but her children, her children and her children it hits theaters tomorrow. >> pop star lady gaga be honored today by scientists at duke university. researchers named several discoveried species of ferns after the singer saying their sequence spells out gaga. and it's official. tailor swift will take the stage at the american music awards. see a list of the performers right now on >> a newlywed couple from indiana celebrated their honeymoon in style. >> they put it on you tube so he can enjoy it. >> take a look. he doesn't look like to to me. they danced their way across europe. >> not very we'll almost a cart wheel them. busted move as cross six countries in 18 days.. >> yes. the couple though
the strong winds that took down so many trees and powerlines. crews were out in the beverly hills neighborhood of alexandria removing trees. tisha thompson is live there with more on the progress they've made. tisha? >> reporter: you're seeing just piles of limbs. this is a former street light. they've managed to put a new light in here, but they have had eight houses that have had trees come through them just in alexandria city alone. and two of them were just yards away from each other. tree removal crews are working overtime along this stretch in alexandria. >> the tree hit and it was boom. it just shook the whole house. i actually jumpd under a little table, like that was going to do any good. >> reporter: peter said he asked his crew to come as soon as possible. in an effort to keep his home from being condemned. >> it's a five-ton tree, 55 feet tall and it was a healthy red oak. it just blew over, and was leaping on the house. when the city came, they said you've got to get this tree off or you can't live here. >> reporter: two houses down, his neighbor wasn't as lucky. >> i
romance. and the beverly hills estate shared with priscilla is on the market. the presleys sold it in 1973 which was the year they divorced. the four-bedroom home is listed for just under $13 million. that's your eye on entertainment, alexis christoforous, cbs news. >> that's a deal. >>> thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. imagine the king just a four- bedroom home. >> 13 mill, no big deal. >>> i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. monika samtani will be back in a moment with your timesaver traffic. >> right now howard bernstein has our weather first and your weather could complicate monika's traffic tonight. >> it could thank. this morning i don't anticipate much in the way of weather problems but the threat for some showers, maybe a thunderstorm will be with us later into the afternoon and possibly the early evening, especially east of town as we get into the evening hours. 66 now. i think we'll climb to about 73 by noon. a couple of showers around then with a chance for a few showers and storms this afternoon. temperatures falling back into the upper 60s. rai
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